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Dr. Hannah Mathers has published 519 articles, been a retained expert in 40 cases, testified in five proceedings (two with jury trials), and been deposed in eight court cases. Hannah’s CV includes 20written reports for cases involving pesticide damage on tree fruit, agriculture row and forage crops, vegetables, viticulture, nursery/landscape, and forestry, and another nine reports regarding pesticide background levels for medical cannabis, cannabis identification and reweigh, hemp production, cold stress and herbicide exposure of US Vietnam era veterans. Dr. Mathers’ is a recognized speaker with 422 out-of-state/out-of-country invited presentations. Hannah has been employed as an Independent Researcher, Mathers Environmental Science Services, LLC for the past eight years, and before that was a Professor at Ohio State University, and an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University for 18 years total. Concurrently, she was also a Senior Research Fellow at the Vineland Research and Innovation Center, Vineland, Ontario, CAN for five years. Prior to the two OSU’s, Hannah was a Nursery Specialist for 6.5 years with Alberta Ministry of Agriculture (ABMA) and then British Columbia (BCMA).

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Doctorate in Horticulture Science; Masters of Science in Horticulture Science; Bachelor of Science in Plant Science/ Pomology; Agriculture Diploma; Forestry Diploma; Ohio Commercial Applicator