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WCS is a New England based forensic meteorology company specializing in expert testimony, weather reconstruction and analysis of past weather events for attorneys and insurance professionals.

Garett Argianas has a decade of experience as a forensic meteorologist. With experience as a professional broadcaster and university instructor, Garett is versed in explaining complex scientific material in a conversational manner that is easy to understand. Saying he is "extremely professional and polished," satisfied clients describe his work as "very thorough and flawlessly analytical."

Mr. Argianas works as a professional meteorologist in New England and New York and is a full member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). Following a rigorous exam and peer review, the AMS awarded him the prestigious designation of certified broadcast meteorologist, highlighting his "scientific competence and effective communication skills."

Professional services include meteorological research, expert analysis and weather reconstruction, consultation, written report preparation and expert witness testimony at deposition and trial.

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Full member of American Meteorological Society (AMS), Certified broadcast meteorologist by AMS, Bachelor of Science Atmospheric Science/Meteorology (4.0 GPA), Bachelor of Science Mathematics