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Audio Expert David Smith, IEEE and AES, has more than three decades of professional audio analysis and enhancement experience.

Experienced in criminal and civil cases including murder, corporate fraud, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, labor and family law, Mr. Smith offers audio forensic evidence examination, authentication, analysis, intelligibility improvement, litigation support, expert advice, expert testimony and related expert witness services, including preparation of cross-examinations and courtroom presentations.

Clients include Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Family Law & General Practice Attorneys, Legal and Investigative Professionals, Insurance Companies, HR Departments, Corporations, Private Detectives, Security Firms, and private individuals.

Services Offered Include:

* Audio Authentication
* Voice Enhancement / Intelligibility Improvement / Voice and Sound Extraction
* Accidental Calls / Cell Phones / Voicemail / Private Recordings
* Forensic Transcript Creation
* Correction of Existing Transcripts
* 911 Call Analysis
* Family Law Recordings
* Forensic Reports of Findings
* Forensic Audio Consultant / Litigation Support Specialist
* Expert Witness Testimony
* Analog Tape Analysis & Recovery (Micro-Cassette to Reel-to-Reel Tape)
* Courtroom Presentation Services (including video presentation of audio transcripts)

Sound Testimony® offers Intelligibility Improvement (Audio Recovery) from the following sources without altering the original recording:

* 911 calls
* Accidental Recordings
* Cell Phone Recordings
* Portable Audio Recorders
* Interviews
* Voicemail Systems
* Surveillance Recordings
* Depositions
* Meetings

When You Need to Reveal the Truth of Your Audio, Contact Sound Testimony®.