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Dr. Dave Curry is the Chief Scientist and Principal Consultant for the Human Factors and Safety practice area of the Solution Engineering Group. He consults on all aspects of human factors, applied human performance, ergonomics, and safety. Areas of particular expertise include: human-machine interface design and evaluation, human capabilities and limitations in applied environments, industrial ergonomics, instructions and warnings, perception/vision/visibility, slips/trips/falls, the evaluation of equipment/facilities/structures from a human use standpoint, and safety-related issues in general. He is recognized as an expert in operator-vehicle interaction and is a Certified Human Factors Professional.

He is the author of over fifty technical papers dealing with various issues relating to applied human performance, safety, and accident investigation. He holds several patents and has or does serve as a member of national standards-making committees for a variety of organizations (e.g., ANSI, ASTM, and SAE.) He has provided expert testimony in both State and Federal courts.

Dr. Curry holds graduate degrees in Experimental, Human Factors, and Cognitive/Perceptual Psychology, Industrial Engineering, and Business. His experience includes over 30 years of work in accident investigation, product design and development, operational testing and analysis, and both laboratory and field research in the control/display, aviation, and surface vehicle arenas.

Dr. Curry retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Air Force Reserve, where he worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory in the area of display technologies, aircrew training, and pilot-vehicle interfaces.

Education & Licenses


Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Psychology (Cognitive and Perceptual track) (1991)

M.S. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Industrial/Operations Engineering (Ergonomics track) (1991)

M.B.A. Indiana University, Kokomo, Indiana (General Administration track) (2000)

B.S. US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Behavioral Science (Human Factors & Systems Design track) (1982)


BCPE Certified Human Factors Professional
BCSP Certified Safety Professional
Professional Member, American Society of Safety Engineers

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Association for Psychological Science
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)

Human Factors and Safety Subcommittee (SAE)
ANSI B11.TR1 Subcommittee (Ergonomic Guidelines for the Design, Installation and Use of Machine Tools
SAE Safety & Human Factors Steering Committee (1997-2006)
ASTM F13 Committee (Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Internet Forum on the Safety Implications of Driver Distraction when Using In-Vehicle Technologies, Expert Panelist
ASTM E54 Committee (Homeland Security Applications) [2004-2011]
FAA General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC), Loss of Control of Control Working Group
ASSE Distracted Driving Committee