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Handwriting & Document Analysis

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An authority, skilled in handwriting identifications and have completed the following studies in questioned document examinations and psychology:
* Completed Documentation Examination training from the U.S. Army, MILITARY POLICE OFFICER'S school in Fort Gordon, Georgia.
* Masters Degree in Psychology, Post-Graduate studies in Behavioral Psychology certified me in 1983 as a MASTER HANDWRITING ANALYST, and in 1987, as a QUESTIONED DOCUMENT EXAMINER.

I have analyzed handwriting and also lectured and taught handwriting analysis classes for over 30 years in approximately twenty states. In addition, I have co-authored "The Handwriting Certification Home Study Course", "How to Spot a Forgery", and have been a guest relating to same on television and radio programs, including WOLF-BLITZER-CNN; CHARLES GIBSON-ABC, INSIDE EDITION, CBS Network Radio, CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX, JUDGE ALEX, TEXAS JUSTICE and GOOD MORNING TEXAS.

Expert Witness for Courts, Lawyers and Clients. Just in the last 6 years, I have been approved to testify as an Expert by over 100 Federal and State Courts.

Education & Licenses

B.A. - Speech, M.Ed. - Psychology, Certified Handwriting Analysis, Certified Document Examination