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Transportation Expert – Safety, Driver Training, Driver Behavior, Business Financial and Accident Investigation

Christina has been in and around transportation for over 40 years. Over the past 27 years, she has had a variety of roles including loading and unloading, local deliveries, linehaul, school bus driving, driver/safety training, and being the manager of a small trucking company.

Besides having a safe driving record of over 2 million miles, she continues to maintain her commercial driver's license (CDL) and still drive part-time to stay attuned with the industry.

From her knowledge and experience as a driver and Safety Director/Driver Trainer, Christina developed a driver safety training program that has exceeded high standards, received recognition and commendation, and has proven effective.

As an Expert Witness, Christina has providing sound consultation to attorneys on transportation-related cases through report writing, depositions and successful trial appearance.

Christina holds a bachelor’s degree in Business as well as several accreditations, including being a Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and a Certified Driver Trainer (CDT). She continues to enhance her skills and background through either first-hand experience or by completing courses such as Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation.

Education & Licenses

CDS (Certified Director of Safety), CDT (Certified Driver Trainer), BS – Business