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Summary of Background and Expertise: Over the past 45 years, Mr. Mauro has served as an expert in over 75 major IP cases covering design patents, trade dress, copyright and utility patents related to GUI and product design. He has represented many leading high-technology entities in a wide range of industries including Apple, Nike, Dyson, Qualcomm, Microsoft and others. Mr. Mauro has also been the primary author on two widely published amicus briefs for the Federal Circuit and The US Supreme Court. In formulating his opinions, Mr. Mauro frequently conducts professional research on key issues related to product design and functionality, thus providing an additional level of objectivity to his opinions uncommon for other experts.

Expertise Profile: Mr. Mauro’s experience covers both in-depth working knowledge of formal usability science and detailed product design for a broad range of software and hardware applications spanning commercial and consumer applications. Additionally, his professional background covers new product development and product design methodologies related to overall product development life-cycle optimization, feature and function definition, consumer testing, and human factors engineering. Mr. Mauro also has a working knowledge of primary issues related to the economic modeling of new product features/functions and their implications for high-level market timing. Mr. Mauro is the primary developer of the Empirical Ordinary Observer Test (EOOT) methodology. The EOOT has been accepted by the court in a number of matters. Mr. Mauro has been accepted by the court as an expert in survey design. 

Product Category Experience: Mr. Mauro has extensive experience in dozens of major product categories including consumer products and electronics, hand-held products and devices, gaming devices, home appliances, process control applications, industrial products and systems, medical products and devices, high-risk commercial systems, military systems, high-technology products, financial service products, ergonomic workstation optimization, virtual worlds, instructions for use, complex data visualization, and website/online delivery of information.

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Education & Licenses

Mr. Mauro holds a BS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design (with Distinction) and a Master’s Degree in Ergonomics from New York University, where he also served as a NIOSH Research Fellow. He is a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics and Chair of the IDSA Design Protection Section. Mr. Mauro has received leading awards for product design, user interface design and human factors/ergonomics research including the Alexander C. Williams award for outstanding contributions made to a major operational man-machine system.