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Petroleum Engineering

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GaffneyCline is an international oil and gas consultancy providing technical, commercial, and strategic advice since 1962. From our main offices in Houston, London and Singapore, GaffneyCline’s experts deliver independent upstream, midstream and downstream insights and advice to the energy industry.

GaffneyCline has provided expert witness reports and testimony in support of arbitration (ICSID, ICC, UNCITRAL) and litigation cases around the world. We are fully cognizant of the needs to present highly technical matters in a manner that is clear to tribunals. Our engagements have ranged in size from small disputes to international cases worth many billions of dollars each.

GaffneyCline’s integrated technical teams provide expert opinion and guidance to lawyers and in-house legal teams, often advising on the arguments at an early stage to assist in the direction of the client’s case. Our team includes a number of individuals who are highly experienced in expert work.

GaffneyCline can work with clients on a broad range of issues, including:
• Asset valuation
• Price disagreements
• Definitional disagreements
• Contract interpretation
• Loss or gain estimation

GaffneyCline reviews the merits and weaknesses of complex technical and commercial arguments to condense impartial opinions into clear, cohesive submissions that may include expert witness testimony. GaffneyCline can also offer expert opinions to outside lawyers or in-house counsel at any stage of the legal process

Education & Licenses

Texas Board of Professional Engineers License No. 3744