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Real Estate Law

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Robert Berliner has served as an expert witness in numerous cases involving real estate, especially where claims of real estate legal malpractice have been asserted. He has been retained in some legal malpractice cases by the attorneys for the former client and in others by the attorneys for the lawyer accused of malpractice. He also serves as an active arbitrator and mediator, and many of the cases he has arbitrated and mediated have involved real estate, including disputes between partners, sometimes family members; claims under title insurance policies; claims for breaches of contracts of sale; landlord-tenant disputes; disputes between investors and active partners/managers. As an attorney, Mr. Berliner has represented many real estate developers and investors in all phases of the real estate business. He served for several years as general counsel of a major national real estate development and investment company and has been a principal in a number of real estate related business ventures. For more on Mr. Berliner, including his resume, go to his website at He will provide references upon request.

Education & Licenses

JD magna cum laude, Harvard Law School; AB magna cum laude, Harvard College; admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois.