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Gawthrop Greenwood partner Carl Heckert presented on child support laws in Delaware before members of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 1.

A member of the firm’s family law department, Heckert’s family law practice includes divorce, property division, custody, child support, alimony, protection from abuse, as well as grandparent and stepparent’s rights. A litigator, Heckert also practices in mediation and dispute resolution.

In his presentation before chamber members, Heckert covered topics including:

  • Child support guidelines for parents who are newly separated.
  • How child support is calculated, including: income from all sources, health insurance cost, day care, private schooling and how many overnights each parent has with a child.
  • How unemployment and large salaries affect child support.
  • What to do if one parent is self-employed and is underreporting income.
  • Child support guidelines for parents denied visitation rights.
  • When does child support end?
  • What happens when a parent moves to a different state after child support is calculated elsewhere.
  • Penalties for failure to pay child support, including license revocation, tax refund intercepts and incarceration.