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Shaw Keller will participate as a co-sponsor of the Delaware Bio IP Legal Forum scheduled to take place on Sept. 21.

The IP Legal Forum will consist of an interactive discussion between in-house and firm-based IP attorneys and a meeting with U.S. Sen. Chris Coons and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office director Andrei Iancu to discuss IP law and IP reform legislation, according to a Shaw Keller statement.

Shaw Keller’s Karen Keller is set to participate in an IP 101 panel discussion for in-house practitioners and scientists.

Keller’s practice primarily focuses on intellectual property and complex commercial litigation at the U.S. International Trade Commission and in district courts across the country.

She has led teams in patent infringement lawsuits involving agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, high-performance liquid chromatography, biotechnology products and networking technologies. Taking on pro bono representations is also a part of Keller’s practice, including a civil rights action for discriminatory arrest in which the jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages.