Walt Disney World Photo Credit: Dom497 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Delaware State Bar Association is set to host “The Anything-but-Wonderful World of Disney: A Look at the In Re Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litigation and the Ensuing Trial, Brehm v. Eisner” CLE on Wednesday.

It has been 20 years since the Delaware Court of Chancery began wrestling with Brehm v. Eisner and its powerful players in an action that centered on a corporate board’s decision to approve a $140 million severance to the company’s outgoing president Michael Ovitz, according to a description of the CLE. At issue there were numerous corporate law questions involving bad faith, board oversight and equity.

Scheduled to attend this anniversary series seminar are many of the players who debated the issues and tried to avoid the intense media attention, including the chancellor who wrote the opinion, a justice who heard the appeal, and most of the original party counsel to discuss the history of this case, the thoughts behind the opinions and what Walt Disney Co.’s impact on corporate law has been.

Register here: http://media.dsba.org/CLEReg/Disney2018.pdf

The seminar offers three CLE credits.