Jamie Casino A YouTube screenshot from personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino’s latest ad.

Jamie Casino is back.

After setting the internet on fire with his 2014 Super Bowl ad, the Savannah personal injury lawyer created another one for Sunday’s game, which aired locally and which he’s posted on YouTube.

This time Casino takes on other personal injury lawyers, accusing them of being “advertisers, not advocates,” as he uses his trademark sledgehammer to smash a bank of TVs showing sinister-looking, talking-head lawyers and their presumably made-up phone numbers.

A silver cross around his neck and a pair of black cowboy boots also feature prominently in the new spot.

Casino said he is addressing “an epidemic which has plagued commercial breaks for years—predatory TV injury lawyers seeking to cash out on injured victims,” in an explanatory note to his new ad.

“There are a lot of TV injury lawyers, but there is only one Jamie Casino,” he intones in the ad’s voice-over, against a background of driving, heavy-metal music.

He is not wrong about that.