• The Mayor and Aldermen of Garden City v. Harris et al.

    Publication Date: 2018-02-23
    Practice Area: Personal Injury | Premises Liability
    Court: Georgia Supreme Court
    Judge: Presiding Justice Melton
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Patrick T. O'Connor, David William Bobo Mullens, III, James Philip Gerard (Oliver Maner LLP), Savannah, for appellant.
    for defendant: Christopher Dorian Britt (Karsman, McKenzie & Hart), Savannah, for appellee.

    Case Number: S17G0692

    City was entitled to summary judgment in plaintiffs' suit to recover for injuries their daughter suffered at a City-owned and maintained football stadium because the Recreational Property Act provided immunity to City since the injured party was allowed to use City's property for recreational purposes free of charge.

  • Williams v. Johnson

    Publication Date: 2018-02-13
    Practice Area: Civil Procedure | Premises Liability
    Industry: Construction
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Chief Judge Dillard
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Lloyd Hedrick (Hedrick Law LLC), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Derric Crowther (Crowther Law Firm, PC), Atlanta; Deirdre Stephens (Attorney at Law), Pine Lake, for appellee.

    Case Number: A17A1652

    Defendant was entitled to summary judgment in plaintiff's premises liability suit because plaintiff had at least equal, if not superior, knowledge as defendant did of the hazard that caused his injury and the evidence was "plain, palpable and undisputable."

  • Bath v. International Paper Company et al

    Publication Date: 2017-11-13
    Practice Area: Civil Procedure | Evidence | Premises Liability
    Court: Court of Appeals
    Judge: Judge McMillian
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: William Bowen, Paul Painter (Bowen Painter, LLC), Savannah; April Stafford (Stafford Law Group, LLC), Statesboro, for appellant.
    for defendant: Todd Baiad, Lucas Bradley (Bouhan Falligant LLP), Savannah, for appellee. Garret Meader, Jeffrey Ward (Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP), Brunswick, for other party.

    Case Number: A17A0906

    The trial court erred in concluding that alleged spoliated evidence was unrelated to the grounds upon which summary judgment was granted and thus erred in granting defendants' motion for summary judgment in plaintiff's premises liability and negligence action arising after he was severely injured when he was electrocuted while working at a paper plant.