Nine years ago, Cindy Corona noticed that, even though her neighbors were financially secure, she didn’t have to go far in northwest Atlanta near Bolton Road to see “a huge need.”

She was stunned to learn that more than 1 in 4 Georgia children didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.

She and other volunteers at Collins Memorial United Methodist Church started a food pantry, serving 14 families on its first day.

This week, on one of its bimonthly distribution days, it served 642 families, each carrying away 75 to 90 pounds of food—including a ham or turkey for Easter. Last year they gave away 1.6 million pounds of food.

Corona’s group and many others are supplied by the Atlanta Community Food Bank, one of eight such organizations around the state benefitting from the Legal Food Frenzy that starts Monday and runs till April 28. The sixth annual event, in which legal organizations compete to raise the most food, is timed to stock food for the summer—when children on summer break can’t get reduced-price or free lunches at school.

Corona said she notices a difference in the summer: “The children will come and stand in line with their parents and grandparents.”

At Collins Memorial’s distributions, she said, workers from other agencies often come to help people navigate benefits processes—for veterans, seniors on Medicare and others.

“We are considerably blessed by the generosity of the legal community,” she said. Noting the growth of the Atlanta food bank and her church’s pantry, she added that events like the Food Frenzy are “the only way it’s possible.”

Firms and legal organizations wishing to sign up for the Food Frenzy can sign up at galegalfoodfrenzy.org/sign-up.

More information can be found by emailing LFFinfo@georgiafoodbankassociation.org.

On Monday, Attorney General Christopher Carr, who co-sponsors the event with the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia and the Georgia Food Bank Association, will launch the Frenzy at the Atlanta Food Bank.