Shannon Sprinkle, 38

Partner, Carlock Copeland

University of Florida, 1998

Tulane University School of Law, 2001

As a partner and co-chair of the commercial litigation practice group at Carlock Copeland, Shannon Sprinkle has racked up some pretty serious credentials. Sprinkle started at the firm right out of law school and made partner at 29 years old only five years later.

In the intervening decade, she’s staked out a specialty in professional malpractice defense law and real estate claims.

“I like the challenge that can be presented with any new case, having to learn a new subject matter. With professional malpractice, I find them particularly interesting because you have to jump into the shoes of another lawyer,” Sprinkle says.

To best defend clients in malpractice suits, Sprinkle often pulls double duty, preparing not only the case she’s assigned to but also learning the ins and outs of the case within the case, often forcing Sprinkle outside her specialty areas.

Some might balk at the workload, but Sprinkle likes the variety and the challenge.

“It gives a great way to have a very broad based understanding of a lot of facets of legal practice that I may never do,” she says.

In the future, Sprinkle says she thinks she’ll likely be right where she is now but hopes to open more opportunities for female colleagues to join her in firm leadership roles across Atlanta.

“I’m always looking for ways to look for women in leading positions and trying to keep more women in active practice. It seems to be a thing a lot of firms struggle with,” Sprinkle says.

—Gabrielle Orum Hernández