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Justin Oliverio’s law practice is a three-time defending champion in the sole proprietorship category for the Georgia Legal Food Frenzy—and the Decatur lawyer just revealed one of his secrets to his success.

During calendar calls in court, he hands out flyers seeking donations for the annual fundraiser for the state’s network of food banks. Along with appeals by phone and in person, he told Food Frenzy organizers that the flyers have helped his cause.

“I like helping people, and I hate the idea that there are children, veterans and working families who don’t know if or when their next meal is coming,” Oliverio told organizers, who shared their information with the Daily Report.

Oliverio noted that every $1 donated to the food banks can provide the equivalent of four meals. ”I just don’t think there is better value for my time or donations anywhere else in Georgia or the USA,” he added.

Oliverio’s firm is one of 50 legal groups that have already signed up for the event, which starts April 22. Last year’s effort, which was joined by  raised the equivalent of 1.6 million meals. The event runs from April 22 to May 3. Teams that sign up by April 1 will receive a 100-point bonus.

James Stevens of Troutman Sanders said his team hopes to raise $12,500 because, “1 in 5 kids in Georgia is at risk for hunger. I want to help reduce that risk for our children and others that face food insecurity in our community.” His key fundraising tactic? “Ask over and over again!”

Cameron Saunders of Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker & Ford in Columbus, noted that the Frenzy occurs during the usual slump in monetary and canned good donations right before school ends. “Sadly, many children in our area receive their most nutritious meal during school lunch. When it is summer and there is no school for many children, that means no school lunch in many instances,” Saunders added.

The Columbus-area food bank, Feeding the Valley, “has a noticeable impact on this matter through its Summer Cafe, Buddy Pack and other programs directed at helping meet the needs of food-insecure children throughout summer and the entire year.”

Saunders said asking for donations in person is the most-effective method.

Christiane Bard of The Minor Firm in Dalton said her firm is raising money for the Northwest Georgia Branch of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank because it’s “a great cause that serves our community.”

C. Sutton Connelly of Cook & Connelly in Summerville wrote, “We raise food and money for the Legal Food Frenzy to be a part of something lawyers are participating in across the state but also because our hard work, money and resources are benefiting our small town community, which we need more of.”

The event is sponsored by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar and the Georgia Food Bank Association.