Rapper Young Thug (Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock.com) Jeffery “Young Thug” Williams  (Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock.com)

A Buckhead jeweler named Icebox has filed a lawsuit against a rapper called Young Thug for $115,090 in alleged unpaid debt for diamonds and gold.

The Peachtree Road jewelry story also wants interest and at least $250,000 in punitive damages, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Fulton County State Court. Icebox is represented by Matthew Parrish of Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield.

Parrish said Thursday he had just received notice that Young Thug, whose legal name is Jeffery Williams, is being represented by Jordan Fishman of Stokes Wagner.

“Our client was unaware of both this suit and the earlier demand letter,” Fishman said Thursday evening by email. “Immediately upon learning of them today, we contacted plaintiff’s counsel to inquire about the matter. We then began to investigate the situation in an effort to determine what happened, understand the contractual terms of the alleged sales transaction, and assess the legitimacy of this claimed debt. While this investigation has been underway for only a couple of hours now, we have already confirmed the plaintiff’s demand letter was misdirected to an old address and never received by our client or his counsel. And we are confident that our continued research will reveal the full story—proving that plaintiff’s description of events in the complaint is a far cry from what actually happened. Needless to say, Mr. Williams denies any wrongdoing.”

Parrish responded Friday to the rapper’s lawyer’s statement, saying the jewelry store had always had a good relationship with the rapper until now but had to sue when he didn’t pay.

“There is no mystery to the lawsuit.  It is a collection matter,” Parrish said. “Mr. Williams purchased a number of items of jewelry from Icebox, promised to pay for them in full, and then never did. We have the receipts. He still owes $115,090 plus interest. The facts are really beyond dispute. Regarding where the demand letter was sent, we sent it to the address we had on file for Mr. Williams. If he moved during the intervening period, we had no way of knowing.  However, that was not Icebox’s first attempt to collect the debt. It was preceded by at least one email exchange, plus phone calls with his representatives that were fruitless.”

The most interesting part of the seven-page lawsuit is its attached three-page Exhibit A, which is Young Thug’s tab at Icebox. The purchases include: $10,000 for a Cartier love bracelet—18 karat rose gold with diamonds; $44,000 for a Rolex Sky Dweller; $20,000 for a Cartier bracelet; and $30,000 for a 14 karat rose gold Miami Cuban link wallet chain with custom diamond lock and “full diamonds.”

The lawsuit said Williams paid Icebox a total of $95,000, but he made purchases totaling $210,090—leaving a balance of $115,090.

Another interesting tidbit, according to the suit: The store let him take jewelry home without paying.

“Williams intentionally induced Icebox to allow him to take merchandise from Icebox’s store without paying for it,” the complaint alleged. “Williams did so by falsely promising to pay for the merchandise, when in fact he had no intention to pay. Williams made the promise with the intent to defraud Icebox and to induce Icebox to agree to accept payment at a later date. At the time Williams made the false promise, and at the time Icebox acted in reliance on it, Icebox was ignorant of the true facts and therefore acted reasonably in relying on Williams promise.” Money Inc. has listed the 27-year-old musician’s net worth at $3 million.