With the funds he siphoned from the Cobb County law firm where he worked for two years, Oscar Williams Jr. made payments on a Mercedes-Benz and bought an insurance policy in his name, Cobb County prosecutors say.

Last week, he also bought himself a prison term.

Williams, who worked at Cobb County real estate firm Perrie & Associates from 2015 to 2017 before moving to Washington, D.C.,  was sentenced Aug. 27 to serve a three-year prison term by Superior Court Senior Judge Michael Stoddard after Williams pleaded guilty to theft by taking and criminal attempt to commit a felony, Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds announced.

Stoddard also ordered Williams to complete 12 years of probation after his release and ordered him to pay the law firm $11,902 in restitution, prosecutors said.

Williams’ attorney, Keith Adams, was away from his office and could not be reached Thursday for comment.

According to Reynolds, while Williams was employed at the law firm, he created 11 checks totaling nearly $25,000 drawn on the firm’s accounts. Four of the checks, totaling nearly $12,000, cleared the bank before the firm detected the theft and stopped payment on the other seven checks, prosecutors said.

David Perrie, the firm’s name partner, was in a meeting and could not be reached for comment.

Cobb prosecutors would not allow Williams to plead guilty as a first offender, which would have allowed him to serve a probated sentence and then have his arrest and conviction sealed.

Williams also is facing similar charges in Fulton County and in Rockville, Maryland, Cobb prosecutors said.

“It was important to this victim that the defendant’s future employers know he is not a person who can be trusted,” said Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Schwartz, who prosecuted Williams.