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If I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work, I make myself take a five-minute break. During that break, I will read an online article or step outside in the sunshine. I might also take a slightly longer lunch break. If the stress becomes extreme, I leave the office and pick my work back up the next day. For me, knowing when to call it a day allows me to maintain my composure, and ultimately, be a stronger attorney.

If I am at home when stress strikes, I will often engage in some sort of physical activity. Light cardio, yoga, and/or meditation are all great stress relievers for me.

My No. 1 solution for dealing with stress outside of the office is to spend time with family, friends and my dog. Keeping a work/life balance and remembering to engage in nonwork activities are excellent ways of unwinding and resetting myself.

Anita M. Lamar is with the Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group.