Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was ordered by a jury to pay nearly $1 million to a shopper who was badly hurt when he slipped on a wet rug in a store in Miramar.

In 2014, John Mollica Jr., 57, slipped on the rug, which had been used to cover water from a leaking freezer. He suffered joint effusion in his left knee and two disc herniations in his lower back which required surgery. He said he was unable to fully enjoy a planned vigorous retirement. His attorneys alleged the wet rugs were a dangerous condition which customers were not warned about.

Wal-Mart denied knowledge of the leaking freezer or that rugs had been used to cover the water. The jury determined Wal-Mart was liable and awarded Mollica $894,615. With legal costs, Mollica’s recovery was $905,049.

Case: Mollica v. Wal-Mart Stores

Case No.: CACE15014606

Plaintiffs attorneys: Raul E. Garcia Jr., Miami, and Jordan M. Kirby, Plantation, Rubenstein Law

Defense attorneys: Allison Janowitz and Jack D. Luks, Luks Santaniello Petrillo & Jones, Fort Lauderdale