A jury awarded $565,430 to a motorist who claimed spinal injuries following a crash with a turning car.

On Feb. 1, 2014, Jose Rodriguez, then 65, struck a car owned by Off Lease Only Inc. and driven by Anthony Catinella. Rodriguez claimed Catinella’s car veered to the right as if it was about to make a right turn but then suddenly attempted a U-turn in front of him, causing him to strike the car. He claimed herniated discs, requiring a cervical fusion and lumbar discectomy.

Catinella tendered his $100,000 insurance policy prior to trial. Off Lease’s counsel claimed Catinella was attempting a left turn and Rodriguez rear-ended his car, causing it to spin. Counsel also claimed Rodriguez’s injuries were the result of degeneration.

Case: Rodriguez v. Catinella

Case No.: 502015CA006200XXXXMBAH

Plaintiffs attorneys: Maria C. Abellon and J. Freddy Rhoads, Rhoads Law Group, West Palm Beach

Defense attorney: Felix Neal Colvin Jr., Law Office of Hugh Behan, Juno Beach