A jury awarded $381,044 to a motorcyclist who was struck at an intersection by a reversing vehicle.

In July 2012, Boyd Corbin, then 44, stopped his motorcycle behind a vehicle driven by Henry Hall, who stopped at a stop sign. Hall then reversed his vehicle and struck Corbin’s motorcycle. Corbin claimed he suffered epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, in both elbows. Hall was uninsured, so Corbin sought recovery under the uninsured-motorist provision of his policy with Auto-Owners Insurance Co.

The insurer claimed Corbin’s injuries were preexisting and degenerative. The jury found Hall’s negligence was the cause of Corbin’s injuries. Since his medical costs were covered by health insurance, Corbin’s recovery was reduced to $376,039.

Case: Corbin v. Auto-Owners Insurance

Case No.: CACE15020601

Plaintiffs attorney: Michael Scott Davis, Boone & Davis, Fort Lauderdale

Defense attorney: Thomas A. Berger, Boyd & Jenerette, Coconut Creek