Gov. Rick Scott Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott is raising questions about how justices on the Florida Supreme Court are handling a case that could greatly affect the court’s future.

Scott’s general counsel this week asked the high court to hand over a document that Justice Barbara Pariente was seen discussing with Chief Justice Jorge Labarga during a court hearing. The Scott administration also asked for all raw audio recordings of the two hours justices were in court.

The discussion came right after a Nov. 1 hearing in a lawsuit that deals with whether Scott can appoint three new justices on his final day in office in 2019. Pariente is one of the departing justices; Labarga is not.

Part of the conversation between the two justices was caught by the state-run Florida Channel.

Scott said Tuesday that he wants to know exactly what the justices were discussing.

The case docket showed no formal request had been filed by Wednesday.