Hinshaw & Culbertson has lured white-collar criminal law attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney David S. Weinstein from Clarke Silverglate in Miami.

Weinstein is a member of the firm’s Government Practice Group and focuses his practice on white-collar criminal defense, government investigations, corporate compliance, anti-money laundering initiatives and Federal Corrupt Practices Act issues.

Weinsteinworked at Clarke Silverglate for six years before making the move to Hinshaw, where he was drawn in part by his friendship with Sergio Acosta, who now leads Hinshaw’s national government practice group from Chicago. Back in 1989, Acosta was Weinstein’s supervisor­ at the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s office , and Weinstein later became chief of the Narcotics Section, the Robbery and Career Criminal Section and deputy chief of the Felony Division.

Weinstein left the state attorney’s office to join the U.S. Attorney’s office in 1998, where he served as deputy chief of the Major Crimes and Narcotics Sections, chief of the Narcotics Section, and the chief of the Public Integrity, National Security and Criminal Civil Rights Section.

He left the U.S. Attorney’s office in 2009 to join a small Miami firm, WNF Law. After two years at WNF Law, Weinstein joined Clarke Silverglate, where he specialized in white-collar criminal defense, seized asset recovery, financial fraud investigations, corporate corruption, anti-money laundering and FCPA compliance. Weinstein said he was brought on to Clarke Silverglate in 2011 for his expertise in white-collar criminal litigation practice, which meshed with the firm’s corporate defense practice. He was the firm’s only lawyer working in that practice area in Florida.

“It worked out well at the beginning,” Weinstein said. “It was still continuing to be something that we were developing.”

At Hinshaw, Acosta will once again be Weinstein’s supervisor, but from out of state. Weinstein said Hinshaw’s four Florida offices—in Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables and Tampa—will provide a useful hub for his practice, and working from the office in Coral Gables will give him his first opportunity to live and work in the same city, he said.

Weinstein said while Hinshaw has other lawyers in Chicago with backgrounds and practices similar to his own, he again will be his firm’s sole white-collar criminal litigation attorney in Florida, although Hinshaw may hope to expand the practice further.

Weinstein said he brings to Hinshaw a number of clients and cases, and much of his work involves helping local businesses navigate regulations and governmental agency restrictions, particularly in the import and export industry.

“I’m looking forward to being able to expand my practice into the Latin American market, where there is a lot of active litigation surrounding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” Weinstein said. “The staff here at Hinshaw both nationally and within the Florida offices provides an opportunity to continue to practice in that market.”