Nathan E. Hardwick IV
Nathan E. Hardwick IV ()

A Georgia real estate firm named Morris Hardwick Schneider filed suit in Fulton County Superior Court claiming the firm;s founder, Nathan Hardwick IV, embezzled more than $30 million.

According to the suit, the money was used to pay for casino expenses, private jet rides, a luxury Buckhead condo and real estate investments.

The Daily Report, our sister publication in Atlanta, has the full story here.


What’s going on in Atlanta? Two major Alabama news organizations have called on an Alabama federal judge to resign.

On August 10, U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller was arrested in Atlanta and charged with one misdemeanor count of family violence, battery with substantial physical harm.

The Montgomery Advertiser, as well as the editorial board of, the digital arm of a media group that includes the Birmingham News, says the judge’s work is “too tawdry.”

You can read more of this story here.


From the watch what you post online category, you gotta read this.

The phenomenon that is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than $88 million, make that $88.1 million, $88.2 million, well, you get the point. The numbers keep rising.

Here is a suggestion though. You might want to sit out if, I don’t know, say you are wanted for violating your parole.

Jesean Morris had the best intentions when he posted his ice bucket challenge video on Facebook, but he ended up in the wrong place when someone who saw the video knew Morris had a warrant out against him.

So he did what any Facebook “friend” would do. He called police. Poor guy just wanted to do a good thing.