Residents from Miami-Dade and Lee counties have filed a class action lawsuit against two Lexus dealerships and Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc., alleging they were wrongfully denied replacement parts for sun-damaged dashboards.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Miami-Dade Circuit Court by attorney Juan Bauta of the Ferraro Law Firm in Miami.

“The case addresses dashboards and other interior parts on Lexus vehicles which have melted as a result of the Florida heat. Lexus issued a service bulletin to replace the affected parts but only if the vehicles are still under warranty. The damage is not only aesthetically bad but it also presents a safety issue,” Bauta said.

“The Florida heat caused the dashboards and other similarly constructed interior components to become sticky, oily, shiny, cracked and degraded in appearance,” the complaint states.

The class representatives are Daniela Perez of Miami-Dade and Jesus Del Rio of Lee. The Lexus defendants include G.F.B. Enterprises doing business as Lexus of Kendall and Scanlon Lexus of Fort Myers Inc.

The complaint states Toyota issued a service bulletin in 2011 recognizing the defect and instructing dealers to repair and replace the damage under a comprehensive warranty.

However, the dealers refused to repair damage for vehicles no longer under warranty, the lawsuit said, claiming breach of implied warranty. They seek class certification, legal fees and other relief.

A call to Lexus of Kendall was not returned by deadline.