(Photo illustration: John Rindo/J. Albert Diaz)

Will There Be A Next Generation Of Trial Lawyers?
Are trial attorneys going the way of the dinosaur? Trial numbers continue to plummet across the board due to arbitration, mediation, high criminal sentences and even technology.

Dispute Over Scraps Morphs Into Dispute Over Success
Those riding the wave of the boom are using the legal system to resolve disputes borne out of the downturn. However, a rising tide does not mean an end to litigation, according to attorney Alan Kluger.

Adaptable Construction Lawyers Back In Demand
A resurgence in construction-related legal services is expected to follow the recent resurgence of the construction industry itself, according to attorney Jason Kellogg.

Developers Have Better Option If Boom Turns To Bust
Developers of a distressed project will have an incentive to file Chapter 11, instead of losing their projects to foreclosure. Developers will have enough value built into their projects to be able to obtain financing under bankruptcy protection to finish their projects, according to attorney Thomas R. Lehman.

Vanishing Trial Experience Threatens Justice System
About 99.7 percent of cases are resolved without a jury trial, and the result of this decline in cases going to trial is that today’s generation of young lawyers and future judges has very little trial experience, according to attorney Stuart Sobel.