Jeremy Alters
Jeremy Alters (J. Albert Diaz)

A Florida Bar referee on Thursday refused to dismiss a disciplinary case against prominent Miami plaintiffs lawyer Jeremy Alters and scheduled the trial Nov. 5.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marcia Caballero, the Florida Bar’s referee, ruled “a genuine issue of fact” warrants a trial.

Alters’ attorneys argued the Bar committed prosecutorial misconduct, violated confidentiality rules and concealed evidence in its case against him.

This is a continuation of a 2-year-old case against Alters for alleged trust account violations. The Bar accused Alters of using $2 million in trust account funds to cover firm operating expenses at his former Miami law firm, Alters Boldt Brown Rash & Culmo.

Alters is a name partner at Morelli Alters Ratner with offices in Miami and New York.