Kim Rothstein
Kim Rothstein (Melanie Bell)

In a perfunctory hearing Tuesday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Raymond Ray entered a $2 million judgment against Kim Rothstein, the ex-wife of Ponzi-scheming ex-lawyer Scott Rothstein.

Michael Goldberg, the trustee for the defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm, told the Fort Lauderdale judge that he reached an agreement with Rothstein’s attorney David Tucker late Monday on the amount of damages.

Goldberg, an Akerman attorney in Fort Lauderdale, said the dollar figure reflects the value of jewelry Kim Rothstein hid and lied about when she reached a May 2011 settlement with the law firm’s estate.

After federal prosecutors accused her of withholding profits from the $1.2 billion settlement financing fraud, she admitted hiding the valuables at the direction of her husband. She filed for divorce around the time of her sentencing.

In November, Kim Rothstein was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on her guilty plea. Her friend Stacie Weissman got three months, and her former attorney Scott Saidel got three years for aiding in the deception. Kim Rothstein’s jeweler and a man who helped sell the jewelry also have been convicted.

Goldberg told the court Tuesday that the $2 million reflects the appraised value of about $1.39 million in jewelry the trustee can expect to recover and use to offset the judgment.

Another $610,000 is the value of an 8.91-carat diamond ring that Kim Rothstein sold to a jeweler in New York and was reported stolen afterward, Goldberg said.

“That one we gave up on. There’s a settlement pending on that, but not for the full amount,” Goldberg said.

His motion listed withheld items including five diamond rings, 10 designer watches, two diamond bracelets, four diamond necklaces, five diamond earrings, a coin collection, 50 gold bars, fountain pens and cash.

Kim Rothstein was not present at the hearing. She is set for release in March from the Coleman Federal Correctional Institution in Central Florida.