Hoops Sports Bar & Grill
Hoops Sports Bar & Grill ()

A basketball-themed restaurant across the street from where the Miami Heat’s arena seemed like a sure winner.

But being Lebron James’ business neighbor doesn’t always translate into profits, the Hoops Sports Bar & Grill learned.

The bar, which sported about 200 television sets at 900 Biscayne Blvd., went out of business, but a judge on April 28 ruled the bar owner owes its landlord $1.6 million.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Spencer Eig signed the order Monday stating the landlord, 900 Retail 101 LLC, evicted the restaurant in January 2013 for failure to pay $171,500 in rent. The tenant’s company formed in January 2011 and dissolved last September.

The restaurant was owned by Eesan Subramaniam of Toronto. Subramaniam has been successful in Canada with his Hoops restaurant chain. The landlord and owner of the building is Spanish businessman Antonio Magraner.

Eig concluded the lease provided for base rent for the length of the Hoops lease. He deducted the amount of rent received from new tenants to come up with the amount due.

When the restaurant opened, the company said the Miami spot would be the chain’s flagship U.S. location.

But attorney Richard Wolfe of the Wolfe Law Miami, who represented the landlord, said it was simple why Hoops didn’t win any championships with customers: “Bad management, overpricing, bad service.”

Attorney Gustavo Sardiña, a partner with the Law Office of Alexis Gonzalez in Miami, represented the bar and plans to ask the judge for reconsideration.

“Obvously Mr. Subramaniam and Hoops Sports Bar & Grill disagree with the court’s ruling,” Sardiña said.

Subramaniam maintains he should not be personally liable because he never guaranteed the restaurant’s performance.