Arrest mug of Broward Circuit Judge Gisele Pollack
Arrest mug of Broward Circuit Judge Gisele Pollack ()

Broward Circuit Judge Gisele Pollack, who recently took leave from the bench, was arrested early Friday on charges related to drunken driving.

According to the court record, Pollack was arrested by the Plantation Police Department. The charges include driving under the influence, three counts of DUI with damage to property or persons, and failure to use due care.

According to the traffic report submitted by Officer J. Beauregard, Pollack, 56, had apparently rear-ended a vehicle shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday while it was stopped at a traffic light in the 5500 block of West Sunrise Boulevard.

The driver of the other vehicle complained of a neck injury and was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

Pollack was questioned and explained that she had been driving back from Gainesville. She was treated at the scene for a burn on her forearm but refused transport.

The officer smelled alcohol on her breath and noted she swayed constantly and was very unsteady on her feet. Pollack failed a sobriety test.

He noted for example that when she attempted to walk the line, Pollack “stepped way off of the line, missed heel to toe on every step.”

She was placed under arrest and refused to provide a breath sample. She had earlier consented to give blood, but then revoked consent. After she was arrested, however, she again consented.

“During this time, she was sobbing and screaming,” Beauregard wrote, “that she didn’t want to go to jail and that she wanted to give her blood again.”

Numerous alcoholic beverages were in the trunk of her car, he stated.

Pollack was removed from the bench March 19 by Administrative Judge Sharon Zeller after being notified by a prosecutor that Pollack’s speech was slurred. She took immediate personal leave.

She was supposedly undergoing rehabilitation for a recurring substance abuse addiction.

Pollack has been open throughout her judicial career about her alcoholism. But until an incident last December that forced her to take a two-week leave of absence, she had been sober.

She was first elected to the circuit in 2004.