Barry Mukamal
Barry Mukamal ()

Veteran forensic accountants Soneet Kapila and Barry Mukamal are joining forces, opening the consulting firm KapilaMukamal LLP with offices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Kapila and Mukamal, both certified public accountants, will serve as co-managing partners.

As sitting members on the panel of U.S. Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in the Southern District of Florida, Kapila and Mukamal are regularly appointed as chief restructuring officer, corporate monitor, examiner, Chapter 11 trustee, liquidating trustee or receiver for troubled companies.

The new firm will offer fiduciary and insolvency services including restructuring, forensic and investigative consulting; litigation support services such as expert witness testimony; and business valuations and matrimonial forensics.

Kapila has been operating Kapila & Co. in Fort Lauderdale since 1993, while Mukamal has practiced with Marcum LLP in Miami since 1997.