(John Disney/Daily Report)

A Miami-Dade jury has awarded a family of a boy sexually abused at Downtown Miami Charter School a $5.25 million award against the school.

Boca Raton attorney Jeffrey M. Herman, a partner at Herman, Mermelstein & Horowitz, filed the lawsuit in 2012, alleging the then 7-year-old boy was orally raped by an older boy on the way to school in a transport van and two more times in the school rest room.

Herman stated that the multimillion dollar verdict handed down late Tuesday is vindication for the young victim in this case and his mother. Defense attorneys called the veracity of their claims into question, he said.

The lawsuit charged negligence on behalf of the school and co-defendant Carmen Alvarez Bus Service Inc.

Neither the juvenile victim nor his mother was named in the lawsuit to protect his identity.

The jury deliberated for six hours and 30 minutes before delivering the verdict, Herman said.