Frank Carollo
Frank Carollo ()

Miami City Commissioner Frank Carollo pleaded no contest Wednesday to an ethics violation after calling the police chief when he was pulled over in a traffic stop.

A settlement accepting his plea was approved by the Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission. Carollo also agreed to pay a $1,000 fine plus $1,404 in investigative costs.

Carollo was accused of exploiting his official position by reaching out to Chief Manuel Orosa when the elected official was stopped for crossing a double-yellow line in August 2012.

Carollo called the chief, who called the area commander, who told dispatchers to have the patrol officer call him. The officer let Carollo go with a warning rather than a ticket.

At the commission hearing, chairman Nelson Bellido said the agreement would send a message to the community and other elected officials not to exploit their positions.

“Our elected officials need to be held to a higher standard,” he said.

Miami attorney Ben Kuehne, who represented Carollo, said the commissioner “is glad to put this political matter behind him, that unfairly consumed far too much of his time and the commission’s time. He hopes this resolution will help avoid unintentional mistakes being turned into political attacks.”