Lawyers rolling up their sleeves
The U.S. Supreme Court has blessed the Affordable Care Act. Repeated congressional efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature legislation have failed. Federal and state insurance exchanges are open for business, and 3.3 million people have signed up for coverage.

Obamacare May Offer More Financial Transparency
Health law attorney Jodi B. Laurence considers the Affordable Care Act’s greater transparency in the financial relationships of manufacturers, physicians and teaching hospitals.

Florida Needs To Prepare For ‘Hurricane Obamacare’
If you have lived in Florida for any length of time, two things are certain: hurricane season and hard fought statewide elections. There is a storm brewing, and its name is Obamacare, writes Ed Pozzuoli of Tripp Scott.

Obamacare To Challenge Florida’s Restrictive Covenant Law
Given the uncertainties in Florida’s restrictive covenant law, health care practitioners should be acutely aware of the unique challenges posed by the Affordable Care Act, write Effie D. Silva and Justin P. Aiello of McDermott, Will & Emery.

New Model Re-Aligns Interests Of Payors, Providors
An innovative new model departs from the traditional fee-for-service. The goal seems simple enough—share the savings generated from the reduced cost of care and pay these amounts to the providers, based in part, on their relative contribution.

Additional Rules Safeguard Protected Health Information
A health care provider can be held liable for such breaches as accidentally e-mailing PHI to an unintended recipient, returning a leased computer with stored PHI still intact or allowing an employee to remove a laptop from the workplace without the proper security.