Sony Corp. is in talks to sell its Japanese personal-computer business to buyout firm Japan Industrial Partners Inc., according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The PC sale is part of a wider restructuring that Sony may announce as soon as tomorrow and could include job cuts.

Cutting PCs would bolster Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai’s efforts to improve results in the consumer-electronics group, which is struggling with shrinking demand for key products and a consumer shift to tablet computers.

Here is what social media is saying about the news.

Bilal Athar posted this on Facebook: – RIP VAIO! Sony selling their PC wing as they are expecting a $1.1 billion loss in March 2014. Surely coz of the post pc era!
Swapnil Bandiwadekar posted on Facebook: Don’t relate Sony’s exit with stupid post-PC era or Win8 failure. VAIO was overpriced sh*t.
Aristotle Lee Yong Chia posted: Bye bye VAIO… You are just overpriced like Apple.

Justin Smith posted on Facebook: After hearing that JIP will only sell VAIO machines in Japan now, the collective IT world breathes a sigh of relief.
Bill Marquishad this to say on Facebook: The reason Sony screwed up it’s VAIO line was because there were too many models! I remember taking a good look at sony laptops once, in about 2007 and there were NINE FAMILIES of laptops! There were maybe three or four different models in these 9 families, so there was something like 30 different models to choose from. How the hell can people make a proper decision about what laptop to buy when there are 30 of them?