Jeremy W. Alters
Jeremy W. Alters (Aixa Montero)

A plea by the Alters Law Firm of Miami to reject a former partner’s status as a shareholder was turned down Wednesday by the Third District Court of Appeal without an opinion.

The court took less than three weeks to affirm the 2012 decision by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Diane Ward, which supported attorney Robert B. Brown III’s contention that he retained a 10 percent share in the firm after he left the firm led by prominent plaintiffs attorney Jeremy Alters.

Brown is with Whitfield Bryson & Mason in Coral Gables.

Alters argued Brown relinquished his shares in the firm when he left June 30, 2010. Oral argument was held Jan. 13. The appeal was decided without an opinion by Judges Barbara Lagoa, Vance Salter and Thomas Logue.

After the case was argued, The Florida Bar filed an ethics complaint against Alters and another ex-partner over alleged trust account discrepancies that also were a concern to Brown.