Jeremy W. Alters
Jeremy W. Alters (Aixa Montero)

For a second time, The Florida Bar has filed a formal complaint against prominent Miami attorney Jeremy Alters alleging trust fund irregularities.

At the same time, The Bar filed a complaint against Alters’ former law partner, Kimberly Boldt, who temporarily ran Alters’ former law firm, Alters, Boldt, Brown, Rash & Culmo.

After a grievance committee found probable cause, The Bar filed the complaints with the Florida Supreme Court late Wednesday.

Alters and Boldt could face disciplinary measures ranging from admonishment to disbarment, according to a Bar spokeswoman.

Alters, now with Morelli Alters Ratner, said he is upset to be confronted by the same charges he faced two years ago. The Bar imposed an emergency suspension of Alters, but the Florida Supreme Court lifted it.

“I’m very upset,” Alters said Thursday. “I went through this entire proceeding two years ago. I was exonerated in a 21-page order, and now they are taking another crack at me. I hope this will be dismissed immediately.”

Jacksonville lawyer Hank Coxe, who is representing Boldt with co-counsel Rob Griscti of Dean Mead & Bovay in Gainesville, said, “We are purists in terms of never commenting about any pending case out of respect for the tribunal, whatever it may be. That is where this should be discussed.”

According to the complaints, dozens of improper transfers totaling millions of dollars were made from the firm’s trust account to the firm’s operating account to cover negative balances in 2009 and 2010.

Alters has said he was ill during that period and Boldt was running the firm.

Fort Lauderdale attorney Bruce Rogow in 2010 advised Alters he needed to report the trust fund irregularities to The Bar, but he didn’t, according to the Alters complaint. The trust fund was not replenished until September 2011.