Broward County agreed to pay $166,500 to a woman who claimed mold in the main courthouse caused respiratory and sinus problems.

Stefanie Ginnis alleged she was exposed to toxic mold over a seven-year period. She alleged Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma caused water intrusion and damage to the courthouse. She alleged Affordable Restoration and D. Stephenson Construction failed to adequately dry or replace drywall and make proper repairs to ensure safe premises. She alleged a burst pipe and flooding from a malfunctioning urinal caused further water damage. She alleged the incidents contributed to the microbial and chemical amplification in the building. The companies, citing the Florida Slavin doctrine, were dismissed on summary judgment.

Case: Ginnis v. Broward County

Case No.: CA 09018339

Plaintiffs attorneys: Walter G. Campbell Jr., Krupnick, Campbell, Malone, Buser, Slama, Hancock, Liberman & McKee P.A., Fort Lauderdale; and Robert J. McKee, The McKee Law Group LLC, Weston

Defense Attorneys: Tony Rodriguez, Broward County attorney’s office, Fort Lauderdale; and Ronald Shapo, Holland & Knight, Miami