1. Paul Hastings partner packed his resume with lies. Dennis Thomas O’Riordan, a top lawyer at Paul Hasting’s London office, has been exposed for fabricating a huge chunk of his C.V. RollOnFriday reports:

He had claimed that he had been to school at Radley, taken an undergraduate degree and then a doctorate at Balliol Oxford, had been an Eldon Scholar and had also gone to Harvard. He also said that he was a member of the New York Bar and the Irish Bar. All jolly impressive but, unfortunately, all lies.

Jolly impressive too that he managed to fool a whole slew of employers, which also included Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft; Nomura; Sumitomo, and Republic National Bank of New York.

I can only assume that he was also quite proficient at playing a top-notch lawyer. So, you have to give him some credit. (RollOnFriday)

2. Did partner’s public criticism of key client prompt his departure from Hogan (or did he have better plans anyway?). Former Hogan Lovells technology partner Christoph Wagner got in deep doo-doo for criticizing a major IP client in a German newspaper, The Lawyer reports. Wagner wrote an article last May in which he slammed Deutsche Telekom for its “data throttling’ policy” and “accused the company of restricting internet freedom.”

The Lawyer got its hands on a memo that Hogan Lovells sent to partners. It said Wagner “was in breach of our procedures as well as of our values and our culture, and which put the relationship with that client at serious risk.”

Funny thing, though, the memo seems to have come out after Wagner announced that he was decamping to Morrison Foerster’s Berlin office, along with his team from Hogan. So what really happened? (The Lawyer)

3. If you must grope strangers (or, really, anybody), please make sure your actions are welcomed. RollOnFriday reports:

Hugh Wotherspoon, a patent attorney at international firm Ladas & Parry, was on a night bus from Edinburgh to London (query what a senior lawyer is doing on a night bus in the first place?). He found himself sitting next to a young lady, and rather than strike up a conversation decided to let his fingers do the talking. He stroked the unfortunate woman’s leg. . .

His defense was that he thought the young woman “liked it.” The upshot: Wotherspoon was arrested, found guilty, and placed on the sex register’s list. He has also resigned from the firm.

Rather sad and pathetic, no?