The estate of a man who had toxic mold in his apartment received a $250,000 settlement even though his death was from other causes.

Bryan Salkin alleged Pasadena Gardens Inc., the owner of the apartment complex where he lived, failed to properly repair a water leak in his living room. As a result, the unit’s corroded pipes were left exposed, which released toxins into the air and caused mold to appear in his home. Salkin claimed the toxic mold exposure caused headaches and respiratory symptoms, interfered with his sleep, and affected his mobility, most notably his ability to swim and take short walks. He also required additional help with his daily activities, such as showering, getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Case: Salkin v. Pasadena Gardens

Case No.: CACE16007496

Plaintiffs attorney: Gordon Koegler, Law Offices of Gordon Koegler, Fort Lauderdale

Defense attorney: Jon Polenberg, Becker, Fort Lauderdale