Florida Supreme Court. Wikimedia Commons

The Florida Supreme Court issued sanctions against three South Florida-based litigators between Oct. 4 and Nov. 21.

Among them was attorney Jeremy Alters, who was disbarred the day before Thanksgiving following accusations he knowingly authorized more than $1 million to be funneled out of his firm’s trust accounts in order to finance personal expenditures in 2009 and 2010.

Jeremy Alters was disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court on Nov. 21. Courtesy photo

The high court’s order also held that the referee in Alter’s disciplinary case, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marcia B. Caballero, was not to preside over future hearings pertaining to Alters.

Richard Brian Carey received a 10-day suspension following accusations his title company, Pinnacle Land and Title, didn’t properly review a file concerning a property closing. Carey’s suspension will become effective 30 days onward from the state Supreme Court’s Nov. 15 disciplinary order.

Carey, a West Palm Beach attorney with his own practice, was punished when Pinnacle Land and Title did not properly review a file concerning a property closing. He entered a conditional guilty plea for consent judgment, which was accepted by the court.

LaTonia Denise Jackson, a Miami-based bankruptcy lawyer, received a 90-day suspension as well as a two-year probation effective 30 days following a Nov. 8 order taking disciplinary action against her. According to court filings, Jackson mismanaged trust account records in addition to violating responsibilities regarding nonlawyer assistants.

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