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Former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller has filed a $100 million federal defamation lawsuit against journalist Katherine Krueger and her employer Gizmodo Media Group LLC over an article that Miller said “destroyed” his reputation and left his life “in shambles.”

Krueger’s story, which ran on Splinter News on Sept. 21, reported on allegations that Miller had impregnated a woman he met at an Orlando strip club, then later slipped an abortion pill into her smoothie.

According to Kreuger’s story, Arlene “A.J.” Delgado, also a former Trump campaign aide, had made the claims in a Miami-Dade family court document — the latest in a string of child custody filings. Separately, various news outlets have reported that the pair had a baby after an extramarital affair on the Trump campaign trail, which ended in a bitter breakup.

According to Miller’s complaint, media company Gizmodo carried out ”the final step” in Delgado’s “nefarious plot” to ”destroy” Miller with “fabricated court filings and press coverage.”

The story “spread like a virus,” causing Miller to lose his job at CNN and to be branded a “murderer,” according to the lawsuit, which asks for $100 million in damages.

Delgado had also accused Miller of physically abusing a different woman — a claim he denies.

A Gizmodo spokesperson said, ”We have not yet been served with the complaint and will respond more fully when we have had a chance to review it. GMG stands by its reporting and its reporter.”

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Miller recruited Tampa lawyers Kenneth G. Turkel and Shane B. Vogt of Bajo, Cuva, Cohen & Turkel — members of the legal team that helped Terry Bollea, or “Hulk Hogan,” take down Gawker Media with a $31 million settlement over its publication of a sex tape.

Turkel and Vogt did not respond to requests for comment before deadline.

Before Gawker’s demise, it was the parent company to Gizmodo and six other media sites.

“This case is a terrifying example of how people can use false accusations of violence against women to destroy someone’s life,” said the complaint, filed in the Southern District of Florida on Oct. 15. ”Millions of people read about how Miller tried to kill a woman, killed her unborn child and beat another woman — none of which actually happened.”

Kreuger’s story quoted Delgado’s court filings, which claimed that the woman, referred to as Jane Doe, began “bleeding heavily” after drinking the alleged spiked smoothie and “nearly went into a coma.”

But according to Miller’s complaint, Doe ”verified under oath that these events never happened.”

The lawsuit claims that Krueger and Gizmodo “knew they could benefit financially and editorially” by “attacking” Miller because of his “politics and association with the current presidential administration.”

According to the complaint, “The truth rarely matters in the court of public opinion, where the fallout from the defendants’ baseless accusations about Miller was immediate and devastating.”


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