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Miami escort service owner Dennis Zarudny pleaded guilty Thursday to filing a false federal tax return, federal prosecutors said.

Zarudny, 40, operates Denzar Inc., which did business as Elite Escort Service. His website marketed the company as a “prestigious escort agency” with 24-hour “escort services and adult entertainment for upscale gentlemen and couples in South Florida.”

But when it came to filing tax returns, prosecutors said there was little upstanding about Zarudny’s documents.

“For tax years 2011 through 2014, Zarudny filed false corporate and personal income tax returns with the IRS, which substantially underreported his business’ income,” according to a Justice Department news release. “Zarudny allowed his customers to pay for the escorts’ services by cash, check and credit card. Zarudny reported income from credit card transactions but did not fully report the income he received from customers who paid in cash and check.”

Prosecutors filed a motion to seal Zarudny’s case in December, and the extent of his underreporting remains unclear.

U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez in Miami scheduled sentencing for June 11. Zarudny faces up to three years in prison.