A jury declined to award damages to the family of a motorcyclist who died after a collision in Tampa.

In May 2012, Richard Briggs, 60, a pharmacist, was struck by a vehicle driven by Rebekah Robinson. He fell and suffered a laceration on his upper gums, requiring sutures. In late July, Briggs died from complications related to acute sepsis and a drug-resistant MRSA infection. His estate alleged the infection was caused by the laceration on his gums.

Robinson’s counsel pointed to other possible causes for the infection, including three other MRSA lesions prior to his death and his daily insulin injections. The jury found Robinson’s negligence was not the cause of the Briggs’ death.

Case: Estate of Briggs v. Robinson

Case No.: 14-CA-003772

Plaintiffs attorneys: Douglas R. Beam and Jerry McGreal, Douglas R. Beam P.A., Melbourne

Defense attorney: Mark S. Ramey, Ramey & Kampf, Tampa