Jeanne Kulac was severely injured after the motor scooter (right) she was riding was struck by a car in New Britain. Kulac recently settled the case for $185,000.

A 73-year-old woman who suffered eight broken ribs after her Honda motor scooter was struck head-on by an SUV has settled her personal injury case for $185,000.

Jeanne Kulac was struck at a New Britain intersection by Plainville resident Sharon Lintner, who drove her 2002 Honda CR-V Ex through a red light, according to a lawsuit filed March 17 in New Britain Superior Court.

The August 2016 crash knocked Kulac off her scooter and onto the pavement, according to her attorney, Kevin Ferry. Kulac was wearing a helmet.

Ferry, owner of his own practice in New Britain, said Lintner claimed she had the green light. But a driver behind her said it was red, Ferry said. Lintner was cited by police for failure to obey a control signal.

In addition to the broken ribs, Kulac also had pain from the accident in her neck, upper back and chest. She also dislocated her shoulder and had multiple abrasions, bruises and cuts, according to Ferry.

Kulac, a New Britain resident, was hospitalized for about six days and spent nearly two weeks in a rehabilitation facility, Ferry said.

“She has made a really good recovery, although she still has pain where the broken ribs are,” Ferry said.

The $185,000 settlement was reached Sept. 12 after multiple calls over a monthlong period with Lintner’s insurance carrier, The Standard Fire Insurance Co.

Ferry said he was seeking the full $250,000 insurance policy. The insurance company’s first offer was $50,000, he said.

“I would have liked to have tried the case, but my client was more interested in resolving it,” Ferry said.

The money will be disbursed within the next few weeks, he said.

Kulac’s total medical costs from the accident is around $60,000, Ferry said.

The Standard Fire was represented by attorney Allison Ruiz. Ruiz, of the Law Offices of Cynthia M. Garraty in Hartford, wasn’t available for comment Friday.