A vehicle (right) driven by Samuel Tolkin rear-ended a vehicle (left) driven by Joy Soares.
A vehicle (right) driven by Samuel Tolkin rear-ended a vehicle (left) driven by Joy Soares. (contributed photo)

A Bridgeport woman who suffered potentially lifelong knee injuries in a car accident has settled her case for $300,000.

The 2004 Acura sedan driven Joy Soares on the Merritt Parkway in August 2014 was rear-ended by a Subaru Impreza driven by Samuel Tolkin, according to a June 2016 lawsuit filed in Bridgeport Superior Court. The suit claims neither party called the police because there were no visible injuries and the vehicles were drivable.

Soares went to the hospital for right knee pain four days later. Medical experts said the pain was due to the accident, according to the lawsuit.

Soares underwent arthroscopic surgery in December 2014 after physical therapy failed, according to her attorney, Jessica Ayala.

Soares was treated by orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Cimino, who recommended an additional arthroscopic or regeneration surgery otherwise she would be at greater risk for a knee replacement at an early age, Ayala said. Soares is 28.

“She did say she would have one of the surgeries,” said Ayala, an associate with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers in North Haven. “It is very unfortunate that she will be limited her whole life because of the knee injury.”

Ayala said Soares, who is studying for a master’s degree in school psychology, “is happy to have the money, which will go toward the surgery.”

To date, Soares has paid about $24,000 in medical bills, Ayala said.

The settlement was reached Tuesday, and the money will be paid via Safeco, Tolkin’s insurance carrier. It will be dispersed within a few weeks, Ayala said.

Jury selection was scheduled for Sept. 27.

Safeco was represented by attorneys Vincent di Palma and Sarah Keller, both with Meehan, Roberts, Turret & Rosenbaum. Neither di Palma or Keller was available for comment Thursday.