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Attorneys for a Maryland woman expected to suffer lifelong back pain after she was injured in a car crash have settled her case for $337,500.

Sarah Ruh’s 1998 Oldsmobile was T-Boned by a 2009 Hyundai driven by Anya Browning in Woodbury in June 2014. A lawsuit was filed in Waterbury Superior Court in April 2016.

Ruh, then a New Preston resident who’s since moved to Maryland, needed major back surgery, according to Brian Karpe, her attorney.

“The damage to her back was extensive. She is still in pain today,” said Karpe, an associate with Fazzano & Tomasiewicz in Hartford. “It is hard for her to lift, and walking is difficult.”

The case was settled Sept. 5 for $337,500 after about three hours of mediation before Michael Riley, a retired judge and attorney with Pullman & Comley in Bridgeport. Karpe said opposing counsel offered $250,000 to start negotiations.

Karpe said Browning, 22, admitted in deposition that she was not paying attention to the road. Police cited Browning for failure to obey a stop sign.

Ruh, 28, incurred about $70,000 in medical expenses, primarily related to her surgery and physical therapy, Karpe said.

The settlement will be paid via Liberty Mutual, the insurance carrier for Marian Browning, Anya Browning’s mother. The settlement is expected to be dispersed in October, Karpe said.

“I think it is a fair settlement given the injuries and the fact that the injuries will continue to affect her,” Karpe said.

A trial was scheduled for Oct. 25.

Timothy Jajliardo, a partner with Litchfield Cavo in Simsbury, represented Liberty Mututal. Jajliardo was not available for comment Wednesday.