Patent law firm Cantor Colburn has sued an infomercial marketing company claiming it owes $131,928 in legal bills.

The six-page lawsuit filed Sept. 8 in U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, claims the firm performed 3.5 years of work for California-based On Demand Direct Response. Cantor Colburn, which has five offices in the United States including in Hartford, claims it terminated the agreement on Feb. 28 after the company failed to pay multiple invoices.

It’s not clear from the lawsuit how much in legal fees On Demand paid Cantor Colburn before the agreement was canceled.

According to its website, On Demand licenses existing products for infomercial production and television launches.

According to the lawsuit, On Demand agreed in September 2013 that Cantor Colburn would assist with intellectual property matters that primarily involved trademarks and copyrights.

The agreement, included as an exhibit in the lawsuit, was signed by Jeffrey Miller, vice president of operations for On Demand Direct Response, and George Pelletier Jr., then a partner with the law firm. Pelletier no longer works for Cantor Colburn.

In the agreement, Pelletier said he charged $380 per hour, but added there could be lower billing rates for work performed by attorneys under his supervision. It’s not clear from the suit how many attorneys worked on the case.

The agreement called for On Demand to pay the law firm monthly.

The lawsuit includes claims for breach of written contract, breach of implied contract and unjust enrichment.

Andrew Ryan, a partner with Cantor Colburn, represents the firm. Ryan declined to comment Monday.

No one from On Demand Direct Response’s Sherman Oaks, California, headquarters was available for comment.

The case is before U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden in Bridgeport.